Rectoral de Romeán

Albergue de Prisciliano
Reitoral de Romeán
Galicia (España)

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Historical House

While Historical House linked to the ecclesiastic goods and priests' habitual residence, for centuries, the Rectoral de Romeán is a sample of the traditional Galician architecture and manners of doing and living of the rural culture.

In a total volume of more than 500 square meters, it possesses a total of 24 authorized squares in several rooms, besides several lounges, library, kitchen, bathrooms and other dependences of stay and easing.Reconstructed with caress and respect, preserving original spaces - in detriment of the possible number of rooms-, it appears as a highly exclusive and singular Lodging, both for the history and the characteristics of his restoration.

The result is a good work, an opened and familiar, cozy and special house, to forget everything and to enjoy the field tranquility and the nature.

For his management, we have divided the former Rectoral in three big sections (Blue zone, Green zone and Yellow zone), that share the common zones.




Prices and modalities

two nights: 200 €
three nights:   250 €
5-7 nights:    500 €

more than one week: to be conveniuent





In the Primitive Way of Compostela, to a few minutes of the two thousand year old City of Lugo, in a wonderful environment surrounded with forests, the former Rectoral de
Romeán places, nowadays Albergue de Prisciliano. This singular building, of noble stone, turns out to be documented by the first time in the land registry of ecclesiastic goods of the Marqués de la ensenada, king's secretary Carlos III, and it wasn't  included in the Law of Mendizábal's disentailment, remaining in church posesion up to his aquisición for the current owners and restorers.

Rectoral de Romeán presides at a rural core of great beauty - declared of tourist interest for Lugo's town hall-, has an extensive own field, closed  for big  stone walls, and raises majestic and singular between oaks and centenary myrtles.



To go?

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